Sowbug Roundup Seminars

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Thursday – March 26

Presenter. Patty Lueken

Time10:30 am

Program Schedule

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota/Canada

Learn how to pursue an incredibly aggressive fish on a fly rod in the Boundary Waters. We will discuss the flies and equipment needed as well as clothing. Some discussion will be on using the canoe to paddle away from civilization in the Boundary Waters, but most of the discussion will be on catching big smallmouth bass in relative luxury, spending every night in a cabin instead of a tent. No passport needed!

Fishing the Driftless area of Southeast Minnesota Mike Tipton 1:00 pm

Trout fishing the 700 miles of the lessor known but “world class,” spring feed creeks of the Driftless area of Southeast Minnesota. The creeks have brown, rainbow, and brown trout. Mike has trekked to this area annually for more than 10 years. Come learn where and how to catch these trout.

Warm Water Fly Fishing on Norfork and Bull Shoals Lakes:  Michael Schraeder, Sr. 2:30 pm

Program will cover the many species that can be fished in these lakes, flies to use and what time of year.

Friday – March 25th

Warm Water Fishing: Chad Johnson 9:30 am

Chad Johnson who is one of the best known streamer guides in the area will share his secrets about fishing for bass and stripers. When, where, how and what equipment and flies to use.

Warm Water Fly Fishing Dave & Emily Whitlock 11:00 am

Dave and Emily will share their experiences fly fishing for bass including flies and techniques to use and places to go.

Arkansas Game and Fish – Update on AGFC Trout Fisheries Christy Graham 1:00 pm

Christy, who is the supervisor of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Trout Management Program, will give a presentation on trout management of the White and North Fork Rivers and will discuss the current trout regulations for the Bull Shoals and Norfork tail waters, stocking and sampling programs and findings.

Fishing the Taneycomo Area: Carolyn Parker 2:30pm

Carolyn will share information on the “special management” area of Taneycomo which is the upper 3-1/2 miles. Access points, suggestions for patterns to fish and a general feel for what a great fishery it is. She will discuss the generation issues which impacts wade fishing including suggestions for other places to

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Warm Water Fly Fishing in the Ozarks:  Duane Hada 9:30 AM

Duane Hada will share techniques, flies and places to enjoy warm water fly fishing in the Ozarks.

Youth Fly Fishing on Dry Run Creek:     John Berry & 11:00 am Lori Sloas

Lori and John will share their experiences of guiding youth on Dry Run Creek and catching record rainbows, browns, brook and cutthroat trout.

Fishing Tenkara on Dry Run Creek:      Steve Blumreich 1:00 pm

Steve Blumreich will show how youth and handicapped adults can learn an easy and fun method to catch beautiful trout on Dry Run Creek using a tenkara rod.

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Friday – March 25th Intermediate Fly Casting:

Lori Sloan 9:30 Am

This class is designed for the fly caster who wants to fine tune their existing cast and correct any troublesome faults.

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Warm Water Fly Fishing:

Casting in McCabe Park

Saturday, March 16th

Fly Casting for Beginners:

Dave & Emily Whitlock

Lori Sloan

1:00 P.M.

This class is designed for beginner to novice casters. A simplified approach to fly casting to enable students to make a basic cast. I will explain forming loops, tailing loops and how to avoid them, and the importance of stopping the rod. Will also talk about fly rod selection.