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March 22-24, 2018

We have a great lineup of tying classes for the 21st Sowbug Roundup featuring very talented tiers and teachers.  There will be no charge for these classes, but class size will be limited to 10 participants.  Materials will be furnished, but tiers must bring their own equipment (vises, bobbins, thread, scissors, anything you need to tie).  For preregistration in these classes you may email Mike Tipton ( or you can register at the NAFF table when you arrive if there are still openings.


Thursday 3/22  Jack Harford  1:00 PM  House Fly Foam Techniques (Flies Fish Like To Catch!!)

Jack Harford is a member of the IFFF and the Indianapolis Fly Casters (IFC) and a two time Everett Drake Fly Tyer of the Year award by the IFC.  He contributes regularly to several Fly Fishing and Tying social media groups and has taught several Project Healing Waters tying classes.  He is a regular tier at Sowbug, Heartland Fly Fishing Festival, and the Indianapolis/Kentuckiana/Ft. Wayne Fly Shows.  Jack is editor of the Armchair Angler and of articles published in the Tenkara Angler magazine.  His class will explore basic characteristics and types of foam, and where to buy foam.  You will also learn how to cut foam, the advantage of popper hooks, and the influence of the Jack Gartside Gurgler.  Flies planned for the class include the House Fly, the Horse Fly, and Ninja Mouse.  He may even demonstrate his Rudolph Special Fly, either in the class or when tying on the floor, so that you could tie it for next Christmas.


Friday 3/23 Tom Bullock   9:00 AM  Two Easy Methods for Woven Flies

Tom grew up fly fishing.  His mother and grandfather hand tied their flies without a vise, and the tradition runs deep.  He is a long time member and treasurer of the North Louisiana Fly Fishers and he has presented programs on many subjects concerning fly fishing and has taught fly tying since the late 1980’s.  This clinic will focus on the two hand weaving methods for tying many woven flies, but specifically tying the Polish Woven Nymph.  Tom has developed a simple and easy method for weaving these flies that he will share.  Bring a tying vise and, if you have them, some size 6 and/or 8 scud hooks, size 3/32 and/or 3/16 tungsten beads and a couple of long shank streamer hooks for practice.  Any color bead will work, but copper or black is more popular.  Tom will share the weaving floss and other materials if you don’t have them.


Friday 3/23   Scott Hendricks   1:00 PM Methods for Tying Better Dry Flies

Scott has extensive experience in fishing and guiding in the spring creeks and rivers in Montana.  He started tying in his teens and has tied commercially for over 20 years.  Scott lived in Montana for over 10 years, guiding and fishing his way throughout the state but primarily on the Missouri River and various other spring creek fisheries around the state. It was during this time that he did his heaviest commercial tying, often tying as many as 2,500 dozen flies per year. He is now based in the St. Louis area and has served as chief fly tying instructor at Feathercraft for several years and still does special event demonstrations and specialty classes for them when requested. Scott is a passionate bow hunter and already has his two young daughters (6 and 8 years old) tying flies and shooting bows!  The dry fly class will focus on methods for tying better dry flies, specifically sparser, spring creek or flat water type dry flies.  Primary focus will be on correctly tying a comparadun/sparkledun wing (and the proper deer hair to select for tying them correctly); tying forked and triple tails on mayfly patterns without using a dubbing or thread bump; tying better, more durable parachute dries; easier methods for tying small parachute flies, properly using goose biots for bodies; some minor points on working with CDC; tying down-wing caddis style flies with a parachute hackle; and a few other lesser methods as time permits.


 Saturday 3/24  Fishy Fullum  9:00 AM  Creative Flies using Traditional and Nontraditional Materials

“Jay ‘Fishy’ Fullum is the godfather of turning unusual ingredients into fish-catching flies.”  He has beentying flies since receiving a fly tying kit Christmas day in 1951 and has always loved his time at the vise, especially when designing a new creation.  He has taught classes since the mid-sixties and published hundreds of articles on the art of tying flies.  His Creative Tying column recently passed the 100 appearances mark in Fly Tyer magazine while becoming their longest-running columnist, and he has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by Fly Tyer.  Fishys’ tying skills were recognized by the Catskill Fishing Center and Museum with the presentation of the Poul Jorgensen Golden Hook Award for excellence in fly tying, and in 2017 he received the Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award from Fly Fishers International.  He has taught a local kids’ class up in New York on fly tying, casting, and fishing for the past 26 years.  Not to be overlooked, Fishy has been a fixture at a large number of fly tying events, including Sowbug, over the years.  Fishys’ class will feature creative flies using traditional and nontraditional materials and will include a Quill Dry, Cab Nymph, 3-eyed Beetle, Fishys’ Red Ant, Indicator Bug, and Sakasa Kebari.  For a preview, the “Indicator Bug” is the subject of his column in the Winter 2017 Fly Tyer magazine.